Northern Lights

4 hours

Magical Auroras – Northern lights in a Minibus
(from Reykjavik)

As the sun sets and the sky fills with darkness, take this minibus small group tour into the countryside to hunt for the northern lights! Depending on your luck, you could be graced with vibrant shades of green and purple dancing wildly above your head. It is a truly unforgettable experience!

tour highlights

  • Northern lights hunt
  • Small coach experience
  • Icelandic winter nights



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4 hours

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age minimum:

8 years old

9900 isk per adult

the tour details

A minibus evening tour where we look for the northern lights. We check the cloud and aurora forecast and drive out of Reykjavik to a location where conditions are optimal to find the magical auroras. If you own a tripod now is the time to bring it to try to catch amazing photos of the northern lights, sightings are never guaranteed by mother nature.


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Aurora Bonus

If the Northern Lights don’t show up on your tour you can contact our sales team: [email protected] and we will book you on another departure, free of charge upon availability. Please remember to mention your booking number in the email. Please note that the Aurora Bonus is available once per customer.

The Northern Lights

Escape the city’s light pollution and come with us to look for the magical Northern Lights or Auroras Borealis as they are called as well. Our specialised guides will decide, on travel day, where to go, after taking into account both the aurora forecast and cloud cover to maximise your chances of seeing them in all their glory. We travel in a minibus, which means small groups and therefore personal service from our guides.


We never know where the best conditions will be. The weather changes quickly and the destinations vary. We might head to the National park Thingvelllir, Reykjanes (The Southern Peninsula) which is covered with lava and extreme landscape or Borgarfjordur which is a beautiful fjord in west of Iceland to name a few.

What are the Northern Lights?

This natural phenomenon happens because of chemical reactions in the Earth‘s atmosphere. Gaseous particles collide with electrically charged molecules and atoms released from the sun‘s atmosphere. These particulates from the sun are blown towards earth by the solar wind and can enter both the northern and southern hemisphere because of weak magnetic field at the poles.That‘s the reason for why we only see those dancing lights close to the Northern pole (Auroras Borealis) and south pole (Auroras Australis).

The different colours are due to different molecules, oxygen forms the most common one, yellow/green and nitrogen produces blue/purple-red for instance.

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