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You’ll quickly come to learn that this isolated island in the North Atlantic has quite a lot going on for a population of only 330,000 people! The volcanic landscape is not only home to incredible natural features and mystical Icelandic Sagas, it’s got a lively and thriving local culture. Read on to learn more!


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Top 12 Things To Do in Iceland

A Canadian and Reykjavik local's top 12 things to do in Iceland! With endless opportunities for adventure, these are my top 12 favourites! ...
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Hofsos Swimming Pool: Our Favourite

Hofsos swimming pool, in our opinion, is the best pool in all of Iceland. Want to know why? We'll tell ya! It includes Icelandic sagas, beauty and more! ...
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A Look at Akureyri’s True Icelandic Winter

If you’ve ever wanted to experience winter, and we mean WINTER – head to North Iceland. Check out these stunning photos from a winter blizzard in Akureyri! ...
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Top 10 Most Epic Waterfalls in Iceland

In Iceland, you'll find a treasure-trove of waterfalls, attracting photographers and folktales. Our top 10 roundup for the most epic waterfalls in Iceland! ...
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New Year’s Eve in Iceland: Fireworks & Festivities

Iceland goes all out on this special holiday, with fireworks, bonfires and reveries. Learn how you can bring in the New Year with the locals! ...
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Northern Lights in Iceland: The Sky is Alive!

As the darkness of winter takes over of Iceland, the northern lights arrive to spark life into the skies above! Have a look at these incredible captures of the northern lights ranging in a vast variety of colors and shapes! ...
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